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Wayne LaPierre (Executive Vice President of the NRA) and I at the 2004 NRA National Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa 16, April 2004

Wayne LaPierre (Executive Vice President of the NRA) and I at the announcement of NRA support for Senator Rick Santorum at Pitcairn - Monroeville Sportsman's Club 24 October 2006

Wayne LaPierre (Executive Vice President of the NRA) and I at 1st PA Friends of the NRA Banquet 12 February 2011

Of course I was Open Carrying my S&W 659

Senator Rick Santorum and I

24 October 2006


John Sigler President of the NRA at 1st PA Friends of the NRA Banquet 7 February 2009.

Of course I was Open Carrying my S&W 659

My Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies and interests are spending time with my family, Working on my little farm, Freedom and Personal Rights, Riding my Harleys and A.T.V.s, Hunting, Fishing,  Shooting, Firearms, Ballistics, Designing Computers and working on my home network, working with security on Linux and Windows, Internet, Web design, VMware, and Server Clustering.  


I am an NRA Instructor with Certifications in 

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal protection, Home Defense, and Range Safety Officer


I am a proud member of Firearms Owners Against Crime , Pitcairn - Monroeville Sportsmen's Club, Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association, Pennsylvania Open Carry, Armstrong County Friends of NRA, National Rifle Association (life member)


My house in Armstrong County

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Past Projects

I was in the design and testing phase for an interconnect bridge for Supercomputers.



Connect 2 or more dissimilar supercomputers so that each can use the resources of the other, 

Bridge 2 or more dissimilar Interconnects and External networks at maximum I/O.



Supercomputer 1 running HP-UX, Quadrics Interconnect

Supercomputer 2 running Linux, InfiniBand Interconnect

Grid fiber connection at 80Gb/s


Hardware solution: 

1 or more AMD Opteron Quad Dual-Core Processor Platforms, Dual InfiniBand onboard via Hyper-transport buss, 2 Quadrics cards connected via independent PCI-X/Express busses, Dual 10Gb/s Neterion S2io cards connected via independent PCI-X/Express busses.


Software solution:

Currently working on a custom compiled OpenMPI version that will allow translation and message passing between interconnects with the least amount of CPU usage there by decreasing latency and overhead. Currently working on cross platform GUI Management and monitoring consol.



Extend life and usability of older Supercomputers and clusters,  Access to otherwise unused resources, Allow projects to be pre-staged on smaller clusters, Increase data transfer, and allow for a host of new and innovative configurations. 



Still refining platform.

Early stages of software development.


Special Thanks to: AMD, Tyan, Mellanox Technologies, Quadrics, Neterion, 

Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center, Carnegie Mellon University, John @ Neotek.

and all the folks that are making this project possible.


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