What I grow


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Type of Trees Quantity Planted Comments
Granny Smith Apple 4  Apples are excellent
McIntosh Apple 4
Golden Delicious Apple 4
Emerald Spire Apple 2  Apples are excellent
Red Delicious Apple 2
Jonathan Apple 2
Stayman Winesap Apple 4
Cortland Apple 4
Elberta Peach 2
Hale Haven Peach 2
Red Haven Peach 4
Belle of Georgia Peach 4
Montmorency  Pie Cherry 4
North Star Pie Cherry 4
Stella Sweet Cherry 2
Lapins Sweet Cherry 2
Mazzard Sweet Cherry 2
Flavor Top Nectarine 2
Redgold Nectarine 2
Santa Rosa Plum 2
Burbank Plum 2
Bartlett Pear  2
Duchess Pear 2





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